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January is the welcome month of every New Year, just after the Christmas gone, we celebrate a new year and it starts with an obvious chilling January!

Everybody plans many things to enjoy various things like an outdoor party near a frozen lake, picnics, going somewhere in the south to have to sunbathe on any beach. In order to make our plans perfect, we need a January 2019 calendar just like December 2018 Calendar because without getting a proper idea on how the weeks are rotating and if there’s an option to get a long weekend as there are some public holidays in the month of January as well.

January 2019 Calendar

Getting a new year calendar and especially the calendar of January 2019 is not a big deal at all, a simple online search will bring a dozens of accurate copy of that but very few of those are really good to work on because maximum of those are just simple calendar and those get no marking of public holidays and all. We need a calendar that can be used optimally not just for remembering the dates.

Let’s have a look on the January 2019 calendar and it’s just an at a glance where we can easily see if there’s any scope for a long weekend if we spend one of our earned leave or casual leave.

January 2019 Calendar

It’s advisable to get your official holiday and leave the list as well and take a look at it.

Before you start staring on the January 2019 calendar, we want to pin some points for you.

January 2019 Calendar


January 2019 holidays: It depends upon where you live, in the US you will have only two public holidays while in Canada and UK you will have only 1 public holiday apart from the Sundays. We have kept Saturdays as special holidays because it depends on the organization we work in.

So, we have roughly 5 holidays (if your organization shuts down on Saturday then take that in the account).

Public holidays: it’s only the 21st January when we observe Martin Luther King Jr. day.

Total Sundays: January 2019 Calendar has 4 Sundays only. (6, 13, 20, 27)

Total Saturdays: It has only 4 Saturdays as well. (5, 12, 19, 26)

How to plan your weekend trip: If you are residing in the US, then plan your weekend trip from 18th to 21st January. If possible get a casual leave on 18th then it will be a 4 days package if your organization considers Saturday as an off day. Don’t try to manage the leave on 22nd instead of 18th because that will be the first working day of that week and no one will want to make his employee free for a trip on the very first day of a week! It’s a psychological parameter though.

Some other days to observe in January 2019: People from various religions observe various auspicious days throughout the year and January is not an exception as well. Apart from this many international days are also observed. Let’s have a check on those days also.

Jan calendar

1st January: Solemnity of Mary

This day celebrate in order to show respect to mother Mary. It generally takes place just after the 8 days after celebrating the Christmas (25th December). All Catholic Christians attend this day.

6th January: Epiphany

A very special day for western Roman Catholic and Protestant churches because on this day, three kings visited Jesus by following the bright star which foretold the initiation of a new era and the birth of a new king.

7th January: Orthodox Christmas

It’s observed as the birthday of Jesus by the orthodox Christians.

11th January: Human trafficking awareness day

We have gone civilized but somewhere in our world humans are still being sold. This day observed as the day of taking an oath to protect humans from getting traffic.

26th January: Australia day

It’s considered as one of the national days in Australia because on this day in 1788 first British naval fleet touched the water of port Jackson!

Apart from these dates, some special events are observed throughout the month of January. Here these are-

  1. National Mentoring Month
  2. National Glaucoma Awareness
  3. Cervical Health Awareness Month
  4. National Blood Donor Month
  5. Birth Defects Prevention Month

Various campaigning on these things is observed in the whole month in different parts of our world.

Blank January calendar

Apart from enjoying with your family and friends, we will request you to aware people around you about the things like blood donor month, glaucoma awareness and cervical health awareness. Spread happiness in this year and be happy. Tick the dates on the January 2019 calendar and don’t forget to tell your family the importance of these days.

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